In the last few years, the concept of having a website has evolved continuously. There is no longer a time when we believed that only large companies should have a website or could afford one. Having a website for your business is now much more affordable, and everyone should have one.

To promote your brand, increase brand awareness, etc…, it is imperative to be where your customers are. Think about it. Does your customer read the magazine, listen to the radio, or look up local businesses in the YellowPages?

Possibly, Yes! However, the majority of people use social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, and most probably the young generation. And what is the best place for them to go when they need something? Of course, Google is the best. A website, however, is the only way to reap the benefits of that equity in the Google search results. 

So if you are just starting, you might be wondering where to start. What platform should you choose? There are several choices. InfoPhonix Digital – Indian web development company recommends WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the Internet, accounting for over 60% of all CMS-enabled sites. Every day, it powers one of every five websites on the internet. The following reason will convince you that WordPress is a valuable marketing tool for your brand. But, first, let’s discuss what WordPress is all about.

What is WordPress?

The website is the first step in building an online presence, and WordPress is an incredibly powerful and flexible platform for doing so.

The word WordPress refers to a content management system or CMS. CMSs let you publish, edit, organize and create web content.

Back in 2005, WordPress was just beginning to expand its presence. It was initially used for blogging. 

Not only have they grown to be the most popular content management system, holding up to 60% of the market, while Joomla holds the second position with just 5.2%, but they also power over 34% of all websites online. That’s Incredible!

You may already know why you should use WordPress for your website, but here are a few more reasons.

8 Reasons Why WordPress is a Good Choice for your Businesses

An Open-Source Platform

WordPress developers from all over the world are working day and night to improve the platform. All of what they do is free of charge. Is it possible to get free security and functionality updates every quarter? Yes, absolutely. Is that true of your CMS provider?

WordPress’ biggest disadvantage, its open-source nature has become its strongest asset. It is impossible to compete with the community of WordPress developers who work on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Suppliers of WordPress? We’ve Got You Covered!

One benefit of WordPress is the fact that you won’t be restricted to one provider. With InfoPhonix Digital, you won’t ever have to deal with the same hostage situation where your website is built on a unique, bespoke platform that you can’t move to another provider.

WordPress is Flexible, Easy to Use, and Easy to Manage

With WordPress, you can easily control the content of your website since it is CMS. Rather than editing source code, WordPress offers an easy-to-use interface, the Admin Panel, that lets you add new posts and pages, install new themes and plugins, and much more to your website. 

So take the advantage of the best web development companies to help you create an attractive website for your brand with WordPress so you can publish your articles and post easily without any hassle.

With WordPress, SEO is Breeze

SEO and Web Development

In its beginnings, WordPress was intended as a blogging platform, but now it is a powerful content management system that can be used for almost anything.

One of WordPress’s most impressive features, and one that has made it popular among bloggers and marketers alike, is its extremely effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features. And the value of good SEO services for your business cannot be overstated!

WordPress Can Be Used for Any Projects

There is no doubt that WordPress is a blogging platform. However, the way the CMS works means it can also be used for other purposes.

It can be used for a variety of projects, such as growing your business, creating virtual classrooms, hosting forums, or running social media platforms. Using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, you can even set up an online store for your small business.

It’s Easy to Scale WordPress Site

The scaling of the website is one of its most challenging aspects. Your CMS will inevitably become more stressed as you publish more content and receive more traffic.

It is crucial to choose a quality web host if you want your website to scale and feel fast all time. However, CMS plays an important role. So as professional web development services we suggest WordPress. As it powers some of the most popular websites, scaling is not a concern.

However, just choosing the right web host and CMS will not ensure your website is as fast as possible. You also have to maintain your site, for a better result.

Security is a Top Priority for WordPress

CMS and websites can never be completely secure. Security threats continue to emerge all the time, so it is imperative to use a platform with online safety features.

The best way to ensure your WordPress website runs smoothly is to make sure it’s always up to date.

WordPress is constantly updating, so updating your version will put you one step ahead of the competition. 

Additionally, you can take steps to secure your website, such as implementing two-factor authentication (2F) and enforcing strong passwords. All the efforts may be for naught if you use a platform that doesn’t come with security built-in.

It’s the Industry’s Best Blogging Platform

Blogging with WordPress web development CMS

Although we have discussed numerous uses of WordPress beyond blogging, we should not overlook just how great it is for blogging.

WordPress is still primarily a blogging tool. This means it’s simple to upload new content, manage comments, format your text, and more.


WordPress is very scalable, which means it can handle websites of any size. From a small business site to a big e-commerce website, WordPress is easy to use and scalable. Also a non-technical guy can easily add posts, pages, products or plugins.
Also, WordPress is considered to be SEO-Friendly. It means, WordPress includes features that can help your business website to rank higher in search engines. Here you can read why SEO of your business website is important for your business.

The Bottom Line

You can use WordPress whether you are a new business owner, a startup looking to start a new website, or an existing company looking to revamp and upgrade your exciting website. These are just a few reasons why it is the best platform for anyone.

This will not only save you time and money, but will also make it easier to manage your website in the future, as your business grows, and allow for expansion. InfoPhonix Digital is a digital marketing agency, specializing in WordPress, so we are here to help you and increase your business’s success.