If you are a business owner and have a business website, you might think about how often you should redesign your website, right? The main goal of your website is either getting more traffic or more business. But if you notice a sudden or slow downfall in its performance, you should consult a web design company for further details. 

As the world of website development and digital marketing is evolving quickly, it’s essential to do proper SEO, regular maintenance, and redesign your business website. In addition to that, you should consider the following secret signs to know if your website needs a redesign or not.

The Website Is Harder to Navigate

User-friendly UX/UI is essential for your website’s success. Suppose, you are a visitor and don’t know where you are currently on a website. How do you feel? Annoying? right! If your website is difficult to navigate or not properly designed, it can affect a user’s journey to your website. And this break often leads to a decrease in sales or an increase in bounce rate along with highly frustrated users.

Fortunately, by hiring web design experts and applying excellent design basics, a user can navigate your website quickly and can enjoy a great user experience.

Not Having the Latest Functionality 

As your business or company grows, you must add some new features to your website to keep your business growing digitally too. Adding some latest functionality such as making it responsive can give your user a better site experience. 

You should keep your business or company goals in mind when you decide to redesign your business site and make sure to add new necessary functionality that helps you to achieve your business goals.

The Website Is Not Responsive

responsive website vector image

Latest surveys show that 70-80% of queries come from mobile devices, that’s why your website should have a responsive interface for mobile/tablets. If your website isn’t responsive, it automatically adjusts the different viewports on different devices, which leads to a decrease in search rankings. 

If you want to know whether your website is responsive or not, Google provides a simple mobile-friendly tool that helps you to know whether your website is responsive or not. If you see your website isn’t responsive, contact InfoPhonix Digital today and get a free audit of your website. 

Poor User Experience for a Long Time

User experience is the most important part of every successful website. If you see a sudden increase in bounce rate, it is time to redesign your website with professional web designers. To provide a great user experience to your users, you must provide them with easy navigation, valuable content, and call-to-action buttons by using clear and eye-catching layouts. 

Your Website Has Very Bad Conversion Rates

Engagement of potential clients on your website is excellent, but if those clients aren’t converting… There’s an issue with your web design or website. Due to insufficient elements on your website such as the call-to-action button, breadcrumbs, social proof, etc. 

These elements can help you build trust in your website with your client. Put yourself in the place of your client and imagine, would you like to give business to those companies or an organization having no social media presence or not having a proper presentation? No, right… This is the reason why you should redesign your website if your conversion rates are bad. 

Your Website Is Older Than Three or More Years

There is no specific time for the expedition of a website but as per search engine algorithm changes, you should redesign your website accordingly. Moreover, our clients often ask how often they should redesign their website. 

Generally, you should redesign your website after three or more years. Why? Because technologies change quickly, in a company with SEO strategies, web design practices, and functionality of a website.

Your Competitor’s Website Looks Better Than Yours

competitor website

Having an absolute presence in your industry is advisable, most likely when your potential clients are looking at it, and engaging with some of your competitor’s websites. Most people like to interact with a particular brand online before shopping for their products. If the website is perfectly designed, easy to navigate, eye-catching, and cleaner, you may lose if it comes to head-to-head competition. 

This is why your competition is a secret way to see the loopholes in your website if you see your competitor is getting more business than you. The best way to overcome this issue is to redesign your website with a professional web design company.

Your Website Facing SEO Difficulties 

Even after implementing the right SEO strategies, your website isn’t ranking in search engines, it’s a bad sign. This could be a sign of poor website design. A website is the best marketing tool for every business organization and if the search engine ranking is very much lesser than desired, you should redesign your website.

To make sure your website has a user-friendly design and to get a proper technical audit of your website, you can use our free website audit feature. Here you can get a report on how your website is performing, page speed, and a basic SEO audit of your website. 

Your Website Has Unpleasant Aesthetics 

Believe it or not, many people judge a book by its cover. If your website fails to make a good first impression, it can increase your site’s bounce rate. Web design trends are continuously evolving and you must pay attention to your website too. It has to follow the latest design trends to attract your target audience, which can lead to business growth indirectly. 

Here at InfoPhonix Digital, we schedule to redesign our website after 3-4 years of gaps. Having a clear and attractive website layout can make a difference for sure. 

Your Business Just Rebranded

If your website isn’t reflecting the current branding of your website or you have recently rebranded, it is time to change your website design. Swapping the logo to change color is the first step but it isn’t enough. Your website should fully reflect your business organization. And this is the reason why most brands fail online. 


A fully optimized website is the most powerful marketing tool for every business or company. That’s why keeping it well designed according to the latest trends is an absolute part of business growth. 

If you have ever seen any kinds of issues or are bored with a simple web design, contact the best web design services provider such as InfoPhonix Digital to get your job done professionally within a time.