Facebook is used by 94% of marketers to communicate with their audience and share content, and 70% of marketers use Facebook Advertising.

The reason is simple: More than one billion people are active on Facebook, and most have a connection to a business. It’s a tool that allows businesses to create a Facebook advertisement to promote their products and services.

It’s time to engage your audience and nurture your sales. Through Facebook Ads, we’ll help you reach the most relevant prospects and turn them into your biggest fans every month. Let’s get started with InfoPhonix Digital.

Why Use Facebook Ads?

The boost popular social media network for B2C and B2B marketers is Facebook. With this massive online community, businesses from various industries can connect with their target audiences and build up a following, getting their content directly into their followers’ News Feeds.

With strategic Facebook ad management, you can promote lead generation efforts and build brand awareness at every sales cycle stage. A major reason ads with Facebook are so effective is that they are highly targeted; for example, you can display ads based on a user’s location, age, interests, etc.

Facebook advertising has also proven to be cost-effective when done correctly. The ads on Facebook work like pay-per-click (PPC) ads, which means you only pay for the ads when people click on them. The price of these ads can also be based on impressions or how many times an ad is displayed to users. Customize your ads to appear in the News Feeds of your existing customers and those most likely to be interested in your business.

Facebook Advertising

You’ll need a well-executed Facebook ad campaign to achieve your marketing and business goals – this can mean expanding your reach, increasing sales, driving more website traffic, or sparking engagement on your best social networks.

Best Facebook Marketing Company in India that Drive Quality Leads and Growth to Your Business

Here at InfoPhonix Digital, our Facebook marketing team makes the perfect bid strategy to execute a measured ad campaign that drives potential clients to your business. Request a free quote today.

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Facebook Advertising Services at InfoPhonix Digital

The full-service digital marketing agency InfoPhonix Digital provides organic and paid social media marketing services. You can count on us to handle everything from Facebook and Instagram management to paid advertising campaigns.

The social campaigns we manage are designed to help you reach your marketing objectives. You can anticipate the following benefits from our Facebook ad management services:

Creation of Ideas
Creation of Ideas​

Together we'll determine the best characteristics of a successful Facebook advertising campaign. The analysis will be based on our expert knowledge of Facebook advertisers in your market and your organization's details.

Defining Your Goals
Defining Your Goals

The success of any social media advertising campaign depends on measurable goals. Using our Facebook ads services and strategies, we'll help you set realistic goals that support your commercial and marketing purposes.

Creating and Implementing
Creating and Implementing

Whether you need help with copywriting, graphic design, or ad creation, we can help you at every step to achieve your goal.


The Facebook ads manager assigned to your campaign will monitor key metrics to ensure it is on track. The team will provide monthly relevant data to report on your achievements. This information is used to make adjustments to your campaign so that it is most successful.

A successful social advertising strategy is a crucial component of a digital marketing program. We are here to assist you to do it right!

Facebook Advertising Benefits for Your Business

Custom Call to Action
Custom Call to Action
Easy to Measure
Easy to Measure
Audience Transparency
Audience Transparency
Competitor Targeting
Competitor Targeting

Get Ready to Turn Your Target Customer Into
Real One With the Best Facebook Advertising Company

Are you feeling tired of getting the same or very poor results from your expensive digital marketing efforts? Are you looking for a way that helps you reach your target audience effectively? If your answer is Yes then you should try Facebook advertisement. Running a successful campaign with InfoPhonix Digital can bring you new potential customers for your business. 

If you need any help utilizing Facebook advertising, our Facebook Ads services could assist you with it. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort seeking new customers and making them feel good to make a purchase. With InfoPhonix Digital, we offer Facebook page optimization to make users spend more time with your brand’s digital presence. For further information, fill out the given form below and get in touch with us.

Facebook advertisement
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Our FAQ's

Through the Facebook platform and ad network, Facebook advertisement serves ads, images, and posts to a targeted audience. Facebook advertising is the best way to reach the right people.

Because boosted posts are not created in Facebook’s Ads Manager and don’t have all the customization options of Facebook ads, they are different from Facebook ads. Facebook will display your boost post as an ad in your audience’s feed.

Yes, Facebook ads can be a powerful addition to your business.

It depends on the size of your business and your social media advertising investment.

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